Deus Ex : Weapons : Pepper gun

Base damage: N/A
Base accuracy: 65%
Rate of fire: Auto, 13 rounds/sec
Accurate range: 6ft
Max. range: 6ft
Ammo type(s): Pepper cartridge
Clip size: 100 rounds
Reload time: 3 sec
Skill: Low tech
Inventory room: 1 square

Essentially pepper spray, spraying this is a non-mech human's eyes will make them stop and take a few seconds to rub it out of their eyes - in which you can run away, shoot them, incapacitate them with the baton or riot prod, etc. Can also be used to bypass security beams by crouching next to the point the beam leaves the wall, spraying it with the gun, and moving past the beam1. Really only useful for bypassing the beams, as there are other weapons that are more effective in the sort of situations where you'd be using the pepper gun.

1 Probably considered cheating.

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