another poem by me, please send opinions. this one uses <pre> tags cos it needs them.

                  physical  to  emotional

     it started in my eyes,     seeing words that i hardly dreamt of
  it travelled to my mouth,     truly smiling for the first time
    it paused by my cheeks,     burning at my silliness
  it cascaded down my neck,     hot and tight and happy
     it jumped to my hands,     trying to reach out to caress
  it massaged my shoulders,     almost feeling like a touch
  it shivered down my back,     electric as we met again
    it pounced on my groin,     desire and passion inflamed
it rose through my stomach,     sick with shame
  it shot through my lungs,     short of breath because you're there
  it circled my heart once,     teasing me with the unfamiliar
 it circled my heart twice,     showing me what may be
    it stopped at my heart,     my soul forever yours

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