// A sure fire program to enjoy your work, in one word:
// Redefinition.
// Reverse your old definitions. Life is a job.

int life, job;  // Undefined concepts.
life = job;     // Make them the same random values.

// First you have to determine your salary. Any value will do.
float dailySalary = rand();   // Let's say rand() always returns 42.69

// As you go through life, your job, you may purchase
// Divine Interventions with the money you've earned every day.
// This makes your job easier.

float bankAccount = 0;
while (life == job)
    bankAccount += dailySalary;
    char *problem = suffering();
    if (problem)
        bankAccount -= divineIntervention(problem, bankAccount);
    if (bankAccount < 0)

// You have just resigned or retired from your job.
// Now it's time to play at work. Define work as play.

int work, play;
work = play;

while (life != job && work == play)
{    // Since you are only playing now, you may do as you please.
     // The following is only an example:
     bankAccount += rand();
     job *= rand();
     if (time() == dusk())

    goto dawn;   // put the dawn label wherever you see fit.

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