Soft, hold,
But please.
(the men are begging on their knees
their trousers drenched in apologies,
they whine and dine,
ad infinity)
And still,
a thousand rogue vagabonds unseen
believe believe believe believe
when most is crusted
unseemly teen dreamer
persevere, for me,
for thee,

The lawless trademarks-
yesterday is here to stay-
just a slogan they have made.
With shattered glass
and pain, full show,
the glow embarrasses
rises through the nose.
I don’t know I don’t know.
the show
the pinnacle of our times—
The actors hardly know their lines.

Softly hold,
you know, no need bestow
on any except thee
ye know, ye knew
the adages so happily untrue
the paths broken before you
o woe
forget those

Twenty thirteen
Anything for thee.
Be free be free.
Because our town ain’t fit for thee
just revelry and idiocy
so please, but please, it’s dear to me
to seek with haste ignominy.


May you taste the joys of comfort
where comfort is not given to thee.

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