The follow-up album from rap-metallers (hed)p.e., Broke continues the (hed)p.e. tradition of mixing different styles of music into an interesting and original blend. The album opens with Killing Time, a boombastic number that fans will instantly recognise as the(hed)p.e. style with a bridge that's simple (and funky) enough to stick in your head for days. The song was also featured in the movie 3000 Miles To Graceland and also on the soundtrack album. Waiting To Die sees lead vocalist Jared going off in a big way to some very nu-metal grooves. Feel Good is definitely one of the album's highlights, sporting a soft-loud dynamic that's used to as great effect as the guest voices of fellow metallers Serj Tankian and Morgan Lander and artfully blending the hip-hop and metal genres. Another good example of this is the track Boom (How You Like That), which brings a funky soft-loud blend of hip-hop and rock grooves and definitely has the loudest bass of the whole album - perfect G-Funk for your boosted car stereo system. Bartender, the album's first single, is a funky, briskly-paced track about picking up girls in bars. There are also some suprisingly quieter moments, such as the sometimes scary minimalist trip-hop experience that is Pac Bell, the laid-back but groovy Jesus (Of Nazareth) and the soulful The Meadow.

These, set against tracks such as Crazy Legs, provide an interesting combination that works in the album's favour. They also show (hed)p.e. also don't give a shit about controversy (especially with lyrics like "I come into your house/make love to your spouse/fuck her in the mouth/then I'm out, what?"). Overall, Broke is an excellent album for fans of (hed)p.e. and nu-metal in general.

Track List:

  1. Killing Time
  2. Waiting To Die
  3. Feel Good (Featuring Serj Tankian from System Of A Down and Morgan Lander from Kittie)
  4. Bartender
  5. Crazy Legs
  6. Pac Bell
  7. I Got You
  8. Boom (How You Like That)
  9. Stevie
  10. Jesus (Of Nazareth)
  11. The Meadow

Broke is the state of having no money. Being broke is a distinctly temporary status unlike being poor. You can even be perpetually broke, yet still not poor -- so long as you primarily associate with college students (even if you yourself have dropped out to hit the bong more seriously).

It's GTKY, but an illustration:

When I was born, my parents were broke because my dad was sent to Germany to wage war against the Vietnamese and my mom dropped out of life in the US to follow but couldn't work because she had a baby. When they went home, they went back to college and remained broke until my dad finished his Ph.D. and got an associate professorship at Washington University. We were not poor because my parents came from solid middle class stock and knew what to do with money at least well enough to tread water in the rat race.

Broke (?), v. i. [See Broker, and cf. Brook.]


To transact business for another.




To act as procurer in love matters; to pimp.


We do want a certain necessary woman to broke between them, Cupid said. Fanshawe.

And brokes with all that can in such a suit Corrupt the tender honor of a maid. Shak.


© Webster 1913.

Broke (br&omac;k),

imp. & p. p. of Break.


© Webster 1913.

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