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I found Everything on the Black Light Media site (which I found on Mac OS Rumors)... and after a couple minutes of figuring out what Everything actually IS, I decided that I liked it - its a very cool idea.


I'm currently 18 (as. of August 8th, '98) and I live in London UK, with an older home in Toronto, Canada. I go to school at Wellington School in England, and I am about to enter my last year at high school.

I'm hoping to go to university in London to study politics or la.w...

My interests are:

computers (MACS) ;)
computer games
current events
mountain biking
reading The Economist
reading National Geographic
the net (whatever that is, exactly)
...and more of that general stuff....

I'm hoping to expand my knowledge of things like:

techno/house/etc music
music programing (is that correct?)
sound systems
...and loads of other stuff I haven't mentioned...

Come back to see the changes from time to time...