(with some editing)

To be literate, so that when the time comes to scream it from the belltowers, one can write the script and read it both.

(To practice a technique (to flex some certain muscles) so that when the need arises (when the inspiration should strike), one is ready. Or, at least, a little more versed.)

To understand one's self, to understand how one works.

To work through issues, to cathartically indulge in a vein of work that one wants to get through and past.

To indulge in the simple joy of creating, without external definitions of quality.

To learn to appreciate those who do things out of an inexplicable passion
(To understand what inexplicable passion is like
(To find your own.))

To find the line between that which you think you ought to make, and that which you need to make
(to swing the pendulum towards the former.)


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