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A thin layer of smoke lay low to the ground in the hundred acre woods. The trees giggled to each other as the wind rustled their leaves. Under a large oak tree, there lived Pooh bear. From inside Pooh's house, there came a steady stream of laughter, mixed with coughing. For Pooh had invited his friends over to try a new game, something more fun then even Pooh Sticks. You see, Pooh had just recieved a most amazing gift from Christopher Robin, it was a Bong! Yes indeed, a more majestic water-pipe had never before been seen in the hundred acre woods, and trust you me, the hundred acre woods had seen it's share of drug paraphernalia. Christopher Robin had this bong specially made just for Pooh, it looked just like one of his many honey-pots, just the perfect thing for hiding on the shelf in the event that noisey narc Rabbit showed up anytime, snooping around as he always did.

So Pooh and Christopher Robin, Tigger and Eyeore sat around all afternoon, passing the pooh bong back and forth, taking steady hits of "Christopher Wobins Wacky Weed", and laughing the day away.
This nodeshell turned up in a search for 'Winnie The Pooh', and well, I felt the need to fill this badboy.

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