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(by analogy to water discipline)

definition 1

The training and knowledge needed to effectively use a valuable substance for recreational purposes, without waste. Involves:

  • Don't roll a J when a oney will do.
  • Save your resin. You never know when you will be able to get more, and resin will work in a pinch.
  • Always roll/prepare your smokable items on a stable platform (ie a table), not in your lap. This prevents you from knocking your stash all over the new shag carpet.
  • Take the time to throughly pick through the sack, picking out seeds and sticks while not throwing out the good stuff.

When times are tight (ie you are poor or you can't find a hook-up), pot discipline under definition 1 tends to be tight. When times are loose or the material is of low quality, discipline is often more lax.

definition 2

The set of behaviours that will allow a person to use a illicit substance without getting caught. Includes:

  • Don't leave materials or equipment lying out on the table when you're not home.
  • Never carry materials or equipment without a reason.
  • Keep your gear near you at all times, ready to be hid at a moment's notice.
  • Never say anything about where to get anything, whether you have anything, etc., unless they bring it up first and you know that they are "cool".
  • Store materials, and if possible, equipment, in an airtight container, with an eye toward smell.
  • Find and use several good hiding places. Rotate among them randomly.
  • Incense, dryer sheets, towels under door, FeBreze, etc. are good ways to mask odors; but their presence consistently leads to suspicion
  • Visine. Know it. Love it. Use it when going out in public.
  • Don't dress, talk, or look like a stoner.
  • Learn to maintain.

These rules are, admittedly, draconian. If you follow them all to the letter, you are being way too paranoid. The observance of these rules varies widely, but tends to depend on the local tolerance for soft drugs.

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