A drug dealer is a person who sells drugs, particularly illicit or illegal ones. Dealers' most common reasons for joining the business are desire for money and respect, although many are selling drugs to pay for a drug habit. This risky form of employment is most common in poor and especially urban areas, where people have little hope for improving their lives or living with dignity within the accepted social channels.

This is a hazardous occupation for a number of reasons. First, because the transaction and products are illegal, the police are liable to shoot at drug dealers or put them into small cages for 8 to 10 years. Secondly, people in gangs or the criminal underworld also tend to be drug dealers, tend to be territorial, and tend to have guns.

Despite these hazardous working conditions many street level drug dealers don't make much money. Drug turf tends to be controlled by a gun toting crime boss who employs street dealers to sell drugs while taking the largest part of the profit. This is particularly true of hard drugs such as heroin and cocaine. This is less of a problem in non-neighborhood urban areas when selling softer drugs such as marijuana, lsd, and similar largely non addictive substances.

Drug dealers tend to be vilified far more than they deserve. Many are people trying to make a buck. Many are people tired of a limited supply of drugs in an area or group of friends who decide to deal with limited supply and lack of drug money in one fell swoop. OTOH many others would shoot their own gramma for just about any monetary gain.

When dealing with dealers a good thing to remember is that cocaine, heroin and pcp dealers are infinitely less forgiving than most credit agencies. Your best bet is to either befriend a drug dealer before becoming a client. In general, people who sell drugs for a living tend to be more dangerous than people who sell drugs to pay for drugs.

Selling drugs, particularly hard drugs is a good way to get killed. A fellow I went to school with (His mom was one of my junior high teachers, in fact) was recently found, along with another unfortunate young man, locked in the trunk of an automobile in a church cemetary. He had been dead a couple of weeks. He had to be identified by his dental records due to the putrefaction which naturally occurs to bodies in the southern summer.

He'd had his throat slit, he had been shot in the back of the head, and his penis had been cut off and put in his mouth. He was 27, and his friend was 19. Now, I don't really feel much sympathy for him, as he has been in the dope game since he was a teenager, but I do feel for his mother, who, I'm sure, tried to keep him out of trouble and is now grieving his violent death. Drug dealer is not a very good long term occupation. It's not even worth it in the short term

Drug Dealer is the name of a very fun game for druggies. Sober folk might enjoy it as well, I dunno. I never played sober.

Avail yourself of a deck of cards. Deal each player a single card, making sure one player gets the King of Spades and one the Jack of Spades. Extra cards are not used, but there really is no upper limit to the number of players provided everyone gets a single card and at least two get the King and the Jack.

Jack is the dealer. King is the cop. Jack's job is significantly more difficult, since he must make a "drug deal" with every player except the cop. King's job is to bust the dealer.

The way a deal works is this: Jack winks at a prospective client. The client, upon noticing the wink, does nothing for a minute (if he reacts immdiately, it will be too obvious who's holding the Jack). After that, he displays his card and announces, "A drug deal has been made." He's then out of play.

If Jack succeeds in making a deal with every non-cop player, he wins.

If at any point, the player holding the King notices--or thinks he notices--the wink, the deal going down, he can accuse the player he thinks is holding the Jack. A correct accusation wins him the game. A false accusation loses him the game.

I've had a lot of fun with this game with a small roomful of people, but always wanted to try it with like 50 people, possibly featuring multiple dealers and cops.

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