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A DOS game from software developer EvilX in which the player takes on the role of John Parker, a "fearless Rasta soldier" trying to defend his herb from the Man. In contrast to his slightly more peaceful brethren, Parker has taken a stand by mounting a 20mm anti-aircraft gun to the top of his 1969 VW Bus.

Parker is assaulted by DEA paratroopers, USAF bombers, crop dusters, extra-terrestrials, and America's last resort—the Nuclear Option. He defends himself by any means necessary, and Jah will bestow new and more powerful weapons such as a Rasta rocket launcher and the Bong of Death as the threats become more intense.

The story of one man's struggle for justice in a world gone horribly wrong.

One man who declared war—on the War.

Ganja Farmer also has a great reggae soundtrack.

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