A predicament is what you find yourself in if the following things happen to you, or any sincere variation of them.

You are in a private meeting, just you and the company's big boss. As he is talking, it turns into rambling, and you are only barely paying attention. And then you hear something that turns your attention back to the boss. Did he just say, "We need to survey the anal landscape"? Because that is sure what it sounded like, but it couldn't have been. What was the word you mistook for "anal" and why was that on your mind during a meeting with the boss? What word fits in that situation. You work for a company that does a lot of things, but it doesn't do any landscaping or anything to do with surveying. Could he have said something else entirely? Did your brain completely misunderstand what was being said?

As time goes on, you find yourself in other meetings, some private, and some group meetings, but none of them are with the big boss. You can't even catch him and ask him to clarify what he said during your one-on-one meeting. You don't know what to think.

And then, you are in a group meeting when the big boss turns to you and says, "Remember what I said we needed to survey?" And then you turn towards him and say, "What? About what?"

As you wait, hoping to finally understand what is going on here, or what the actual words are, the big boss says to you, "Turn around. Take a look."

You look over at the big glass windows behind you. The first thing that catches your eye are two workmen, doing some kind of repair work on the window frames. And one of them bends over to pick something up, and with his back to the window, his pants slide halfway down his butt crack, so you turn around in confusion that has been magnified.

"What did I say about the anal landscape?" asks the big boss. "It is going to need some surveying. I think you are the right person for the job.

You, my friend, are now in a predicament. 

Pre*dic"a*ment (?), n. [Cf. F. pr'edicament, L. praedicamentum. See Predicate.]


A class or kind described by any definite marks; hence, condition; particular situation or state; especially, an unfortunate or trying position or condition.

"O woeful sympathy; piteous predicament!"


2. Logic

See Category.

Syn. -- Category; condition; state; plight.


© Webster 1913.

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