Project Censored is not exactly about censored stories. It's more about stories that never really generated any public outrage although they should have. "The News that Didn't make the News" is their slogan (I am highly skeptical about their capitalization of headlines, though). They release yearbooks with the news stories they have elected to be the most relevant. For example, the Top 10 Stories of 1999 were:

             #1: Multinational Corporations Profit from
             International Brutality

             #2: Pharmaceutical Companies Put Profits Before Need

             #3: Financially Bloated American Cancer Society Fails to
             Prevent Cancer 

             #4: American Sweatshops Sew U.S. Military Uniforms 

             #5: Turkey Destroys Kurdish Villages with U.S. Weapons 

             #6: NATO Defends Private Economic Interests in the Balkans 

             #7: U.S. Media Reduces Foreign Coverage 

             #8: Planned Weapons in Space Violate International Treaty 

             #9: Louisiana Promotes Toxic Racism 

             #10: The U.S. and NATO Deliberately Started the War with

You can find their homepage at <>. It's pretty good stuff, methinks.

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