Normal scheme:


BBC scheme:

(h-t-t-p-colon-forward slash-forward slash)-w-w-w-dot.-a-v-dot.-com
In the old days, they used to say oblique instead of forward slash. I swear I'm not making this up.

Patrick Moore scheme:

Dear old Moore seems to have gotten confused with telegrams.

NTK scheme:

Nice and flippant, as we expect from these guys.

When in Norway:

According to SharQ, who would know.

See also "Oo" for Oolong's slightly odd pronounciation, based on Welsh. And, of course URL should be pronounced "ural", not u-r-l.

Other favourites:

  • dub-dub-dub
  • wah-wah-wah
  • web-web-web
  • double-yous

The key is, more-or-less: one character, one syllable (at most -- anything pronouncable such as "org" should go monosyllabic too). Hence also "dot" (or "stop" if you must), and "slash". What about "colon" though? Guess that has to stay.

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