In 1967, in San Francisco, a group of street artists, now called guerilla artists, who decorated fire hydrants in psychedlic designs.

I don't think that's what they called themselves--they were too busy doing art, and stuff. The newspapers must have called them that.

Only a young teen at the time, I thought they were fascinating. But, of course, such uncontrolled creativity drew the ire of the powers that be who thought crimes were being committed. These artists were hunted down. And the hydrants were returned to their original, dull, state.

Some years later, I happenned to see the latest in fire hydrant design--including colorful colors! Some of the designs even made them look like little soldiers, or cops. It was too much! Though nothing ever as interesting as the psychedlic mauraders.

All this, first to save our poor bourgeois eyes from something interesting--and free. Then, steal the idea, make money from it, and still save bourgeois eyes from anything too interesting.

It seems there is a moral or something here.

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