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a. & n. from Quake, v.

Quaking aspen Bot., an American species of poplar (Populus tremuloides), the leaves of which tremble in the lightest breeze. It much resembles the European aspen. See Aspen.<-- #err in original written "Quaking asp"! --> -- Quaking bog, a bog of forming peat so saturated with water that it shakes when trodden upon. -- Quaking grass. Bot. (a) One of several grasses of the genus Briza, having slender-stalked and pendulous ovate spikelets, which quake and rattle in the wind. Briza maxima is the large quaking grass; B. media and B. minor are the smaller kinds. (b) Rattlesnake grass (Glyceria Canadensis).


© Webster 1913.

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