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EP released by Richard D. James under the pseudonym Polygon Window in the year 1993. Unleashed just six weeks after the Polygon Window LP (Surfing on Sine Waves), this EP and the LP are the only two releases by Richard under the alias Polygon Window. The tracks are:

  1. Quoth
  2. Iketa
  3. Quoth (Wooden Thump Mix)
  4. Bike Pump Meets Bucket

Quoth, the song itself, is a repetitive beatfest, with the beats being sounds taken from Richard's old job: digging tunnels. The original tape for Quoth was ruined when Richard spilled orange juice on it. And, this song has the distinction of being released and 'deleted' on the same day. (All of (Surfing on Sine Waves) was eventually deleted as well.)

Quoth (?), v. t. [AS.cwe&edh;an, imp cwae&edh;, pl. cw&aemac;don; akin to OS. que&edh;an, OHG. quethan, quedan, Icel. kve&edh;a, Goth. qiþan. &root;22. Cf. Bequeath.]

Said; spoke; uttered; -- used only in the first and third persons in the past tenses, and always followed by its nominative, the word or words said being the object; as, quoth I. quoth he.

"Let me not live, quoth he."



© Webster 1913.

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