A poem by Walt Whitman, from his Leaves of Grass.


Word over all, beautiful as the sky,
Beautiful that war and all its deeds of carnage must in time be utterly lost,
That the hands of the sisters Death and Night incessantly softly wash again, and ever again, this soil'd world;
For my enemy is dead, a man divine as myself is dead,
I look where he lies white-faced and still in the coffin - I draw near,
Bend down and touch lightly with my lips the white face in the coffin.

Rec`on*cil`i*a"tion (-s?l`?*?"sh?n), n. [F. r'econciliation, L. reconciliatio.]


The act of reconciling, or the state of being reconciled; reconcilenment; restoration to harmony; renewal of friendship.

Reconciliation and friendship with God really form the basis of all rational and true enjoyment. S. Miller.


Reduction to congruence or consistency; removal of inconsistency; harmony.

A clear and easy reconciliation of those seeming inconsistencies of Scripture. D. Rogers.

Syn. -- Reconciliment; reunion; pacification; appeasement; propitiation; atonement; expiation.


© Webster 1913.

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