Remote viewing is a "skill" by which people claim to be able to perceive objects across such barriers as distance or time. It is not an out-of-body experience, but rather a matter of perceiving information across a distance.

It is said that you don't have to be skilled or have any particular gift to learn remote viewing, and that it comes perfectly naturally to the majority of us, unlike other so-called psychic abilities. It is said that all it takes to learn is time, motivation and energy, much like learning any other skill - such as palying the piano or drawing a straight line.

There were several government programs run by the military into remote viewing, and some ex-members of the research teams now teach remote viewing to the general masses.

The above was factual, the below are my opinions

Can remote viewing be a reality? I think not. The idea is that your brain is fed sensory data from the real world that it could not "naturally" perceive (by naturally I mean by the use of the five senses). Is there any explanation for this so-called perception?

Sensory data comes from the world around us - light rays stimulate the cells in our eyes to produce visual images, vibrations are picked up by our ears to give audio information, and particles on our nasal receptors give smell data. Is there any way you could pick up this data remotely, without having physical contact with it? Conventional science says no. Unless the brain has absolutely immense predictive powers, and is able to use the information around it to produce a complex "map" of past and present events, there seems to be no scientific grounding for remote viewing. And even if the brain did having this "mapping" ability, chaos theory states that

  1. There is not enough information around to produce this map because objects are affected by other objects far outside our current sensory range at all times.
  2. There is no way to produce a deterministic map in such a way because particle decay is seemingly random.
  3. There's no way to measure with absolute accuracy current conditions in the universe around us.

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