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A rapid so small as to hardly warrent the term.

Rif"fle (?), n. [CF. G. riffeln, riefeln, to groove. Cf. Rifle a gun.] (Mining)

A trough or sluice having cleats, grooves, or steps across the bottom for holding quicksilver and catching particles of gold when auriferous earth is washed; also, one of the cleats, grooves, or steps in such a trough. Also called ripple.


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Rif"fle (?), n. [Cf. Riffle a trough.]

A ripple in a stream or current of water; also, a place where the water ripples, as on a shallow rapid. [Local, U. S.]

The bass have left the cool depth beside the rock and are on the riffle or just below it.
James A. Henshall.


© Webster 1913

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