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A bouldering area in the Cederberg mountain range in the Western Cape province of South Africa. It can be reached easily via gravel road from the village of Clan-William, no more than half an hours drive up Pakhuis pass. Groceries can be bought in town. Climbers usually stay at the Kliphuis camping site, however, there is also a house that can be rented. The camp site has warm showers. Permits may be obtained from Cape Nature Conservation in the village. Although Rocklands is predominantly a bouldering spot there is also exquisite sport climbing. Some are of the opinion that this is the best place for bouldering in the world.

These people obviously haven't been there in the scorching summers, November to March. However, apart from the extreme temperatures, the winters may see some snow, there is other things to do around the area. The village has some pubs and liqueur stores, the surrounding areas are also worth a visit now.

The bouldering enthusiast may expect a smörgåsbord of interesting fodder ranging from the easy to the almost impossible. For a detailed description buy Western Cape Crags in Cape Town but most of the good stuff can be found right on top of the Pakhuis pass. Stop at the not so obvious parking at the top and walk along the two track road. Sport climbing can be found several minutes walk down the track towards the left with most of the bouldering located toward the right and far right.

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