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How To Use A Rolling Mat:

Rolling mats are a set of thin pieces of bamboo tied together with string that are sometimes used for rolling cigarettes/joints (the idea actually originated from sushi rolling mats, which work in very much the same way). The advantage of having a rolling mat is that you can always be assured that your joint will be a good smoke and with very little effort required. Here's how to use them:

1. Take your ready to roll joint and place it in the rolling mat.

2. Take the mat in both hands, thumbs on the side facing you, fingers on the other, so that the joint is in the middle.

3. Roll the joint back and forth between your thumbs and fingers until the mix is in a perfect cylinder.

4. Roll your thumbs down and your fingers up until there is a fair bit of excess paper over the top of the mat. I always open the mat slightly and check that everything is in the right place - if the mix is visible, you should be okay.

5. Wet the gummed edge and begin rolling up with your thumbs and down with your fingers so that the gummed edge gets drawn back into the mat.

It is also possible to roll a 'cone' joint with a rolling mat. The trick is to place less mix near the roach and more mix at the other end. When rolling, only roll from the end containing the roach instead of rolling from both ends.

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