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TODO items, carried over from previous months:

  • TODO: Figure out if we want to kill pseudoexec
  • TODO: Determine whether or not I want to keep E2 Ticket Center
  • TODO: Fix "scratch pad" so that it properly searches (IE: rename the drafts)
  • TODO: see if we really need selectWriteupTypes, probably not. Check the zen writeup display page.
  • TODO: Move the hidden usergroup enlistments from hard-coded list in showUserGroups to a node param
  • TODO: remove nagger/nagbox?
  • TODO: I made a hack to general container that falls back if parent_container isn't set inside of a theme. Once we pare down to one theme, we need to remove this hack for performance and sanity reasons.
  • TODO: Consider upgrading to a more modern version of the jquery library
  • TODO: It looks like the groupCache for chanops isn't getting knocked when the group gets updated via simple usergroup editor. Could be a SUE problem or a groupCache problem.
  • TODO: Figure out why we have the firmlink in the links table and in firmlink_note
  • TODO: Remove e2gods from content editors and undo the hack in other users where we check the sigil for not gods, since flattenUsergroup adds e2gods into content editors
  • TODO: Examine where we might be using the islocked $VARS setting and strip it out of the room display page and go outside. Move inability to change rooms to the application module
  • TODO: Ascorbic's chatterbox client Mattbox has apparently stopped working
  • TODO: Remove direct message table insertion in massacre
  • TODO: Make usergroups archive by default inside of usergroup maintenance create
  • TODO: Once we have static pages set up properly, point blacklisted IPs (currently hardcoded into apache2 conf) at an explanation page.
  • TODO: If you have a writeup in a node that is locked, you can see your writeup, but not the reason for the lock.
  • TODO: Consider if we want to have unlinkable be a parameter in the future. There was an unlinkable flagtype, but it was not used. The idea isn't bad however.
  • TODO: Create a node is probably not used. We might want to search the links for it and consider removing it.
  • TODO: Rip out the useractionlog stuff. It has never been turned on, and it is an unfinished beta.
  • TODO: Page of Cool server error in vagrant environment (Likely due to authors not being there)
  • TODO: Consider bringing back a historical trivia section, after the death of the broken On This Day nodelet
  • TODO: In Everything::HTML, place a sane message to format the error, instead of calling the htmlcode for htmlError, which doesn't exist.
  • TODO: Make userland server errors either message me or drop a ticket in somewhere, update that suggestive text about contacting a site administrator
  • TODO: Investigate why you can't post a writeup with links that link to within e2 (non bracket-links, like a href="http://everything2.com/?something")
  • TODO: Install genRDF.pl as an S3 client in crontab, have a reverse proxy rule
  • TODO: Looks like cool nodes xml ticker is fed out of three nodes: cool user picks, tfcool nodelet, and tfcool nodelet2. Figure out which of those we actually need
  • TODO: Wind down Node Row, as it itself is marked for destruction (note: search by id, hardcoded in places)
  • TODO: Remove captcha stuff everywhere
  • TODO: Figure out whether we need the killing floor and the killing floor ii.
  • TODO: Wind down Classic Nodelets and System Nodelets
  • TODO: Kill off the tutorial stuff
  • TODO: Wind cleanNodeName out of Everything::HTML
  • TODO: Clean up help topics as it is woefully outdated
  • TODO: Commit patches to git, wind those down.
  • TODO: make it so that we can get params without having to get the full node of something, just by id (much faster). Also, replace the Other Users stuff with just the ID (skip node lookup on editors/gods)
  • TODO: Kill off the C&P problems with showchatter, showmessages, and showmessages_expand
  • TODO: figure out why the node_id for Create a node is in the linktype field of links.
  • TODO: Make get ips/log ip into an actual E:A function.
  • TODO: Node Tracker keeps retitled writeups forever.
  • TODO: Lucy-S reports not seeing XP notifications in zen/jukka emulation.
  • TODO: Add quick rename to security monitor
  • TODO: Set the proper content type on the sitemap index and other files. Need to support this sort of thing in Everything::S3.
  • TODO: Higher granularity of date in the sitemap than simply 'day', though that is good enough for now
  • TODO: Probably kill off lockroom, the htmlcode
  • TODO: Undo the zen container hack to keep the h1 off of the logo if you're not logged in
  • TODO: Get these TODOs into github or some place where I can track them
  • TODO: Follow up on anectdotal reports of the "confirm your votes" setting problems.
  • TODO: Unwind the gravatar stuff
  • TODO: Remove the 'who to message to join the group' part in: linkGroupMessages.
  • TODO: scrape out everything that uses UnderConstruction
  • TODO: Application.pm-ify usergroupToUserIds
  • TODO: I am not sure canSee is used.
  • TODO: Make uploadAudio use S3.
  • TODO: Isolate and wind down check blacklist
  • TODO: Check to see if checkInfected is busted under new cookie scheme
  • TODO: Help writeuptype that e2docs or content editors can create
  • TODO: Editor notes on private drafts force the 'nothing found' ajax return.

    Jan 6
  • Hid all of the drafts that were whitespace and blank. Set their publication_status to 'private';
  • Fixed a problem inside of softlink where I misread the sigil and set it to be undef instead of (). Thanks to wertperch for the keen eye.
  • TODO: Add in 'opinion' and possibly 'process' nodetype
    Jan 7
  • Doing some really unsexy project and business management work to collate things for the new year
    Jan 9
  • Removed a site scraper. Need to improve that process.
    Jan 23
  • Added the help writeuptype, restricted to staff and e2docs members.
  • Added the opinion writeuptype. Open to everybody.
    Jan 30
  • Played with Moose all day as kind of testing ground for what I think the new engine object model should be. It's pretty clear that I am going to need to revamp it, but I'm not sure right now how much moose is going to buy us over going directly to a simpler object system, especially since we are so functionally dependent right now. Part of that I'm sure is my own failure to grasp the model with only a few hours of playing with it. I'll come back to it in a month or so.
    Jan 31
  • Created the preupdate maintenance that I needed to: stylesheet preupdate maintenance. Will need to make one for javascript once I'm sure that works.
  • A bunch of nitpicky backend S3 work

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