So, it's December. I got a lot done in November, and a lot of the priorities that I outlined there continue to be my priorities for this month. For those that don't normally read these, I typically keep track of what I change here so that other admins can see whether or not something spontaneously broke, or whether I touched it and it broke. There's a lot to do, so let's get started:

    Dec 11
  • Took HTMLVARS out of ednsection_globals
  • Moved guest_link to Everything::CONF inside of Everything::HTML
  • Nuked set_htmlvars. Node_id 49.
  • Nuked system settings. Even though I was like, 100% sure that it was okay, i still cringed a bit
  • %HTMLVARS is dead.
  • Commented out nagger out of the development environment.
    Dec 12
  • Edited Everything2 Ajax so that the development environment (which has a port associated with the url) will work fine. This is important so I can develop new cool features without breaking anything.
    Dec 13
  • Cleaned up root's view of the world by nuking some weird prefs that it had; this should help the development environment
    Dec 20
  • Hunting down various issues related to mod_perl caching if we don't initialize variables to be blank or if we conditionally initialize them. This is super important for performance. I am going to turn this on the week after Christmas when I can sit down and really look at the site to make sure it's okay. changeroom
  • Clear out mod_perl unsafeties: page actions, page header
  • Adding a temporary parameter to htmlcode (the dbtable), called 'modperlsafe' which will dictate whether or not we store a compiled version inside of the node, similar to how getCompiledCode works now. I'll need to audit all of the htmlcodes to make sure that they don't have cache-poisoning problems with conditional initialization, though we might be there now without knowing it.
  • Marked changeroom as mod_perl safe.

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