Roughage: definition: coarse food high in fiber but low in nutrients; its bulk stimulates peristalsis

Peristalsis: definition: The wormlike movement by which the alimentary canal or other tubular organs provided with both longitudinal and circular muscle fibres propel their contents. It consists of a wave of contraction passing along the tube for variable distances.

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I prefer this term to the term fiber because fiber seems to allude to old folks and health nuts; I am neither, but I see the need for roughage, and my body tells me when I am low. Roughage not only stimulates the intestinal movement mentioned above, it also cleans your pipes out in the process, kind of a stomach friendly Liquid Plumber. Your body needs this, given the amount of processed foods you likely eat and dehydrating beverages like coffee and beer you may consume more frequently than water. In an effort to combat my sad digestive situation from downing nothing but drive thru food over the last few weeks, I went to the grocery store for lunch and picked up some romaine lettuce, carrots, and Fruit and Fibre cereal. I gobbled a big salad and a sizeable bowl of cereal, and now I'm waiting for the magic to start, waiting for my body to remember.

And then this thought came to me...

Aside from food roughage, I think we all could use a dose of life roughage, stuff that helps us clean the daily world out of our pipes. Working every day and week and sludging along trying to catch up just enough so that you can reward yourself with some enjoyable experience. It's kind of a gross metaphor, but I'm running with it anyway. The more I let my worries and problems overtake me, the smaller I feel, the more angry I am with the world. I tuck my legs under me and fold in. My shoulders burn as though white hot ball bearings are melting from the inside out. The inside of my car smells like a beer cooler left out in the sun too long. There's just those times....

Sometimes, it is just getting so blitzed and hung over that helps, or getting to see some band that you like play, or buying yourself a new book. Sometimes it can be as easy as sitting on the balcony, as we were all doing, drinking and talking. Whatever it is, you need it. Whatever it takes, you deserve it.

Life roughage.

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