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There is a room in the interior of most working ranches that is called the saddle room or tack room. This room is obviously for the long term storage of saddles, bridles, ropes, and anything else that needs to be kept warm, dry, and safe from mice and rats. The saddle room usually has saw horses or saddle racks to store the saddles on, posts or rungs on the wall for the bridles and halters, and a bench for leather repair. The saddle room has to be dry to protect the leather, so this room is usually in the interior of a barn, but fairly close to the horse stables.

The things that I loved best about the saddle room in the barn on the ranch that I grew up on were the smell and the warmth. This room is always warm because of being insulated by the rest of the barn, and the smell is a mixture of leather, horse sweat, hay from the barn, and the tar that most ranches seem to keep in the saddle room. The saddle room is a special place on a ranch. It's where you go before daybreak to get your saddle to start a long day on your horse, and it's the last place you visit at the end of the day when you're tired and sore. It's a place for children who are too small to ride on their own yet to play on the saddles and pretend they're on wild adventures. Its the place where I would perch on a saddle and talk to my dad while he repaired reins or halters. I had the sex talk with my dad in the saddle room, and it was my escape from my violent, alcoholic home on cold winter cabin-fever days. The saddle room is a special place.

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