The Sandwich code V1.0.

If you make a wide variety of sandwiches, you waste a lot of time writing down recipes.
Time for a change !

I. Ingredients are encoded using capital letters. A lower-case letter might be appended to be able to distinguish between things like custard, crabmeat, cheese and cucumber.

Alphabetic list of ingredients

A       Avocado
B       Bread
Ba      Bacon
Bc      Corned beef
Bd      Dark bread
Bo      Bologna
Bq      Barbecue sauce
Bu      Butter
Br      Rye bread
C       Cheese
Ca      Custard
Cb      Crabmeat
Cc      Cream cheese
Ce      Chili beans
Ch      Chicken
Cn      Cayenne pepper
Cp      Capers
Cr      Cress
Cu      Cucumber
Cy      Curry
D       Dill pickle
E       Egg
G       Gherkin
Gp      Green pepper
Gy      Gravy
H       Ham
I       Iceberg lettuce
J       Jelly
Hy      Hamburger patty
K       Ketchup
L       Lettuce
La      Lamb
Li      Liverwurst
Lj      Lemon juice
Lo      Lobster
M       Mayonnaise
Mu      Mustard
O       Onions
Ol      Olives
P       Pepper
Pb      Peanut butter
Pr      Pork, roast
Pr      Pickle relish
Pa      Pastrami
Pu      Pumpernickel bread
R       Roll
Rd      Russian dressing
Sa      Salami
Sd      Sardines
Sg      Sausage
Sh      Shrimp
Sk      Sauerkraut
So      Shortening
St      Salt
T       Tomato
Tr      Turkey

II. Modifiers

Ingredients can be chopped, sliced, grilled, fried and so on. This is indicated by a modifier suffix :

!       sliced (!! would be finely sliced)
$       minced
(       chopped
|       finely sliced
~       fried
*       cooked
#       grilled/grill during preparation
:       shredded
ยง       salad
^       toasted

III. Amount

The amount, if not "average", of an ingredient can be specified by the amount suffix :

---     traces
--      a bit
-       some
+       generous
++      a lot
+++     loads
0       optional (zero, not "O")

IV: Use - and examples

The sandwich is constructed bottom up.

Let's start with a simple classic, the ham and cheese sandwich on white bread :


Bread, mayonnaise, a generous amount of sliced cheese and ham, some more mayonnaise and finally the second slice of bread.

The Reuben sandwich is somewhat more elaborate :


V. Exercise for the reader :


Enjoy your meal !

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