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In addition to the 5-7-5 of senryu, haiku also contains a seasonal reference, There is a traditional set of symbols (e.g: caterpillar) that represent individual seasons (I'm not sure if 'stock symbols' are a crutch or whether they're preferred). I'm pretty sure explicit naming of seasons is frowned upon as amateurish.

Apparently, in traditional haiku jam sessions (haiku slams?) Haiku was also done in rounds, with each person giving their own haiku, referencing both the flavor of the previous haiku and the next season in the progression. So, in some way, a series of olestra haikus that continually go through the cycle of purchase, consume, 'leakage' , craving would be more authentic than some mock-eastern 5-7-5s.

I suppose avant garde haiku would allow for many variations of increasing complexity. (Or if it were really out there, decreasing complexity)

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