Shock abounds in the world these days, and you can hear the weirdest things from the strangest people. It was dinner time, and someone had just made a vague and confusing statement, what it was doesn't matter, but I, master of dinner table comedy that I am, decided to pause halfway in my ingestion of the spaghetti that was that night's dinner, and treat the occupants of the table, my dad and his girlfriend with an amusing bemused look.

Go ahead, laugh at the mental image, I know you want to.

Ok, that's long enough. Apparently my father thought so to, and he said something along the lines of, "Oh come on, you're too old for that." This was an expected reaction from my dad, but that wasn't it! He continued on by saying, "It's not like this is asparagus."

There was, a little vague, but still there, a reference to Ace Ventura II, at my dinner table, coming from my dad. This is the man with a rotary phone, he doesn't even have an answering machine forgodsakes! To top it all off, the only computer he owns? Is an Atari.

The worst part about it all? I didn't even get the reference until he explained it to me. Oh the shame.

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