Title: Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
Date: 1994
Director: Tom Shadyac
Writers: Jack Bernstein (story and screenplay), Tom Shadyac (screenplay), Jim Carrey (screenplay)
Plot: Miami Dolphins front office engages a pet detective to locate a missing dolphin before the Super Bowl.
Original Music: Boy George (uncredited)
Review: This was Jim Carrey's first starring role. The movie is patently a vehicle for him, and he shows why he's the best physical comedian since Jerry Lewis, in the tradition of Danny Kaye and Donald O'Connor. The whole movie is basically an excuse for Carrey to chew the scenery, but it works. The plot revolves around a missing dolphin who has been trained to perform at halftime of the Super Bowl, a missing stone from a 1984 Super Bowl championship ring, a missed field goal, and a police lieutenant who is not what she appears to be. If you are a fan of this brand of comedy, don't miss this example of the genre. It's a great chance to see Jim Carrey before he became A Big Star.

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