This recipe was developed my myself and my flatmates while I studied abroad in Scotland. It is a modified cheaper version of an expensive bean burger recipe we found.

Ingredients Needed:

A nice sized container of unflavored bread crumbs
Vegetable oil
A small onion or half a big one, diced
A pinch of cumin
One can of vegetarian baked beans
Potato rolls (optional)
A1 Steak Sauce (optional for on sandwich)


Pour the can of baked beans, including the juice, into a medium sized bowl. Mash the baked beans with a potato masher or fork or however is good for you. Dice the onion, and fry until soft, I prefer it slightly browned. Pour the onion into the beans. Put in the pinch of cumin to taste. Stir a bit. Add enough of the bread crumbs until you can make patties without them being too sticky. Experiment with how much is good for you.

Fry the patties in the same pan as you did the onions. Just brown them on both sides. Put them on potato rolls or eat them plain. I like to put A1 steak sauce on them, as it's the closest thing to the British fruit sauce, which we used in Scotland. Enjoy!

Oh, you may want to serve rice and a green veggie with them for a rounded meal.

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