A general name for all physical attributes that differentiat the genders, but do not define the gender biologically.

Practically all secondary genderic signs appear during adolescence (unlike primary genderic signs).

The most prominent secondary genderic signs are:

for males- body and facial hair, lower voice, height, sharper features, squarish muscles on the abdomen and chest etc.

for females- breasts, higher voice, rounder features, a growth in pelvic bones etc.

Secondary genderic signs are the main method of the body to attract other people.

These are all determined by hormones produced by the body, mostly starting at puberty. If, for some reason, the hormone production does not match the primary genderic signs, the secondary ones may not match.

All of the ones for males are determined by the presence of testosterone in the blood. Lack of this hormone will cause them to not occur. The ones usually associated with females are not completely caused by estrogen, however, as some of them may be considered to be "defaults". For example, the male voice is deeper due to the growth of the voicebox. Others are, such as breast growth, and the softer, rounder features.

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