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What is a self interview?
It is a rather common way of expressing oneself here in the United States (and perhaps elsewhere). The speaker asks and then answers his own questions much like I am doing in this writeup. Pretend I am reading this writeup to you. Pretend you are listening attentively.
Who does it?
People who think that what they have to say is of such importance that a question-and-answer, interview format is appropriate. They should be on television talking about this stuff; it's that important.
Why do people do it?
I don't know, because it is annoying.  Or because they don't want to answer your question; they want to answer a more convenient question.
What are they trying to accomplish?
In my experience, people do the self interview when they are trying to explain something, especially in response to a question asked of them by someone else. And that gets to the root of why it bothers me so much.
And why does it bother me so much?
The self interviewer implies that the questions you are asking are not the right ones, you dullard. In other words, it is a subtle means for the speaker to place himself on a slightly higher, more authoritative level than the listener.
Isn't it just an especially virulent meme? Like "finger quotes"?
Perhaps. Still, it sticks in my craw. Don't do it around me, or I will make fun of you.

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