A shop that sells things related with sex.

There. This is all. I am not going to put any titillating filth in this definition.
I will not say that in a sex shop you can get all sort of video tapes about lesbian sex kittens, oral sex, anal sex and basically any form of sex.
I will also omit the fact that sex shops also sell sexual toys including but not limited to dildos, butt plugs, blow up dolls (even in the size of inflatable sheep with battery powered hip wiggle ).

Nope, you will not get any detail from me, a decent, upright citizen !
Why should I admit that the sex shops in Milan are not so good, while the ones in Amsterdam absolutely rock ? Could I be tricked into telling you that many a time I have visited this kind of vice ridden establishment ? Never.

Notice, and I hope that this satisfies you, that there are no good sex shops in Pittsburgh, PA. Don't forget that I have not told you that sex shop owners are usually a surly breed that eye you balefully when you take your own sweet time deciding whether you want to buy Total Rubber Fetish or Oral Etiquette in the Palace of Violent Pleasures.

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