The network setup that could drive any sane person to poke their eyeballs out with a spoon. A 56k modem, I can handle it, that's all I've ever had (aside from when I had less), but sharing it is driving me insane. This is because the other computer in the house sucks bandwidth up... all of the bandwidth. I can't even connect to IRC if anyone downloads a file on that computer. It doesn't happen the other way around, just from that bandwidth guzzling stupid computer of my brother's. Curse you, computer, curse you! This of course, isn't a permanent setup, it's just in effect until my brother has to go back to college and takes his bandwidth eating beast with him. I guess it's just the way his computer is setup, at least that's what he tells me.. I think he's doing it on purpose. Evil! Evil, I tell you!

Things not to do while sharing a 56k modem with someone:
  • download 500 meg porn movies.
  • discover the meaning of life by means of watching billions of shockwave enhanced websites.
  • decide to add to your mp3 collection with 20 or 30 full albums.
Generally I've more patience, but I hate it when I try to connect to IRC and it just times out over and over.

Feeling.. urge.. to... kill... must.. not... someone punch me in the head. I'm kidding, this really isn't a bad thing, sharing the modem, it works well for low bandwidth internet things.

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