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In the world of Rokugan (from Legend of the Five Rings), a shugenja is a sort of holy man, who learns how to speak to the kami, in the process tapping into the natural energies of Rokugan and producing what would be best approximated as spell effects.

They are not the same as traditional mages and clerics of gaming lore, they are a type of person that is more a combination of wise man, religious leader, andhistorian. In addition to being able to let loose fireballs and mend injuries with their magics, they are also responsible for performing death rites, purifications, marriage ceremonies, and driving away angry ghosts.

Shugenja are viewed by the heimin with a mixture of awe and fear. In their eyes, nature is something that should not be tampered with, and whenever a shugenja works his ways, they feel shivers up and down their spine- but at the same time, the shugenja are also the ones who know how best to calm down the Fortunes and speak on their behalf. Samurai, on the other hand, respect the power that they bring to the battlefield but also know that while one shugenja may be able to take on five bushi, ten shugenja will have a harder time taking on fifty bushi. They are a valuable resource, and one best kept safe and secure.

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