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The state of being uncoupled. In my books it doesn't matter whether you're married or not. If you have a significant other you are currently not single. The government may still view you as single, but if you have a girlfriend/boyfriend you are off the open market.

Too often our society has a negative view of singlehood. It's seen as a temporary lifestyle; however, very few people see it as a productive permanent way of living. Granted, I don't want to be single for the rest of my life, but I get tired of people always asking "So, do you have a boyfriend?." No, and I'm okay with that. Although some nights I get lonely, I'm happy with my life. I love spending time with myself. Who else would put up with me for 24 hours a day for 19 years?

If you are single, revel in your singlehood. Enjoy it while it lasts. Psydereal and I plan on having a "Single Girl's Party." No one ever celebrates singlehood, and we thought it was about damn time that changed.

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