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To move yourself (or something) over in order to make room.

Here's an example of correct skootch usage:
You enter a diner. Seeing three of your friends sitting at a booth — two on one side, one opposite — you walk over to them. The one friend sitting by himself is sitting on the "outside" of the booth — that is, the portion of the bench farthest from the wall.
You might say to him/her:

"Hey, skootch on over so I can have a seat."

The word also lends itself to inanimate objects such as in the following scenario using the same setup as above:

"Hey Nickels, skootch you bag over, make some room."

While in Glendalough, Ireland I used this phrase (which I thought was pretty universal) with a table full of people. (As this was during the Fiddle Festival it was quite packed so seats were scarce)

"Hi there," I said to the man on the end, "can I skootch you guys over a bit so I can sit down?"

No one at the table had ever heard the phrase. A couple of them thought I was requesting a smooch.

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