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"The Slanket, the best blanket ever!"

The slanket is an invention so awesome, so wonderful, I can't believe it took until now for someone to create and market them.  Simply put, slankets are ...blankets... with.... sleeves. Slankets.

If you've ever been sitting on the couch under a blanket, but have to disentangle yourself to get the remote, or a drink, or a snack, or if you're sitting in bed trying to read or laptop, yet stay warm under the covers, the slanket was created for you.  The slanket is big (95" long) so it covers just about anyone from head to toe very comfortably. The sleeves are big, like bathrobe sleeves, so it's easy to move your hands and arms about and perform whatever task you're up to. Now, they're not for getting up and walking around in. They are long, and you will trip.  Get situated where you intend to be, get comfy, THEN cover onself with said slanket.

(I'd never heard of the things before, but recieved one as a birthday gift this past year.  Now I'm stretched out in bed, warm and cozy, and happily using my laptop at the same time.  Only a cup of hot cocoa would make it better.  Slankets are wonderful for cold, windy, dreary days.)

They come in a variety of colors, can be ordered in kid or adult sizes, and can be found at http://www.theslanket.com

Slankets pre-date the snuggie, and are way comfier and better quality.

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