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Slashdot Troll Warning System Version 0.2.290325-beta5-pre19438-xofdjcx0-patchlevel8
Heuristics matched:
[x] Poster implied that Linux has problems OR poster does not use Linux
[  ] Poster implied that {RMS, ESR, Linus, TC, Bruce Perens} is wrong
[  ] Poster criticized {, VA Linux, Cygnus, Redhat, other Linux company}
[x] Poster criticized {Slashdot policies, story selection, CmdrTaco, RobLimo}
[  ] Poster asserts that Signal 11 is {wrong, karma whoring} or moderates him down
[x] Poster admits that he/she uses or approves of Microsoft/other closed source products
[  ] Poster states that intellectual property laws are sometimes just
[  ] Poster states that limits to free speech are sometimes just
[  ] Poster notes that parent comment is uninsightful, banal, or incorrect
[x] Poster made comment that angers Slashdot moderators
Suggested countermeasure:
[  ] Bitchslap (all posts changed to -1, your comments will start at -1, no moderation)
[  ] Ban user from posting
[  ] Ban IP address from posting
[  ] Moderation as Overrated ("I don't agree with you. So there.")
[x] Moderation as Off-topic ("I don't have a coherent rebuttal. But I can moderate down!")
[x] Moderation as Troll ("I think the comment says bad things about the things I like")

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