an almost-frozen (hence the "slush" part of the name) beverage. contains enough sugar to send your pancreas into insulin shock if you drink it too fast. as far as i know, it contains nothing that is derived from puppies.

there are 2 parts to the slush puppie: the sugary slush and the sugary flavoring. the sugary slush is usually translucent, with a bit of straw coloring to it (think light tan or khaki - like dirty water) and a thick, gloppy consistency due to the frozen bits in it. the flavoring comes in every abnormal color known to man. only tang and antifreeze surpass the flavoring syrup for bright-ass synthetic color. the proper procedure for making a superlative slush puppie is as follows:

  1. dispense the desired amount of flavoring into the cup. if i remember correctly, it's one squirt for the small cup, two squirts for the medium cup and three squirts for the large cup. i usually put 1.5 times the reccomended dosage of flavoring in my slush puppies, as i like good, stiff drinks.
  2. fill the rest of the cup up with the sugary slush. the texture of this slush is vital to a superlative slush puppie. a poorly-adjusted machine will make large ice bits - about 2.5mm in diameter. this will make a slush puppie that isn't very slushy. the best slush puppies have a true slush for a sugary base - the ice crystals are so small, they're indistinguishable from the fluid.

slush puppie is a registered trademark of the slush puppie corporation, marketed with a bipedal puppy having an abnormally big head, blue toque and sweatshirt or sweater bearing a large white "s". it is not a slushie, slurpee, squishie or any other second rate slush-based beverage. this is the real thing. the slush puppie corporation also has several other varieties of frozen or slushy beverages - vita pup, pacific bay, cafreezo, thelma's old fashioned lemonade and lanikai.

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