From the Occupational Outlook Handbook, published by the US Department of Labor:
Social workers often see clients who face a life-threatening disease or a social problem. These problems may include inadequate housing, unemployment, lack of job skills, financial distress, serious illness or disability, substance abuse, unwanted pregnancy, or antisocial behavior. Social workers also assist families that have serious domestic conflicts, including those involving child or spousal abuse.
A bachelor's degree is the minimum requirement for many entry-level jobs, but a master's degree in social work (MSW)-required for clinical practice-or a related field is becoming the norm for many positions.

Social workers are the martyrs of our society. They are underpaid, over worked, and the people they help are often at best ungrateful and at worst abusive. Burnout is a major problem among social workers. Social workers are really good people who genuinely want to help. Hug a social worker today! Or better yet, elect representatives who will adequately fund their agencies.

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