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Recently, I realized that the first commercial product that I wrote was in danger of winking out of existence. For it’s day it was a good product and I was proud of it. Especially since it was my first serious programming effort. This first product was a spreadsheet for the apple //c called habacalc.

The publisher was a relatively unknown company, Haba systems, who in the 80’s made software for the apple II series, Mac, and Atari ST.

I still have the diskette, but I don’t have an appropriate computer to run it on, and I’ve not even tried to run the program in around 15 years. This disk may in fact be bad. At this point I have no way of knowing.

Thinking about this made me wonder how many other pieces of software are in danger of suffering the same fate. Some software may deserve it. But it would be a shame if some of this stuff ceased to exist.

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