The world's not going to stop spinning, the planets aren't going to fall out of orbit and crash into the sun, well at least not until the andromeda galaxy collides with our milky way.

Until then you can rest assured that no matter how bad things get, they can always get worse, but they could get better and the world probably won't end. You may die, others may die. The world will keep on spinning, moving through time until it dies, stumbling into oblivion. It will be reborn over millions, billions maybe trillions of years or maybe not at all.

You may not make a difference this lifetime, you may be reborn, a different place a different time, your stardust arranged in a different structure. Perhaps then you will do something, unravel the mystery that is the existance.

Maybe human or animal, mineral, element any form of matter. Will you ever know life again or travel throughout the rest of time existing as an inanimate nothingness.
I think about these things some times, troubling, but why? Should I care, so I will die, become a part of the Earth, become part of nutrients in soil be processed into vegetation... my ticket back into the food chain. On through time I travel, from one millenia to the next.

Then it ends.... the earth, the universe as we know it. The galaxy and a new existance is born. What this time, will I be part of a star, a new planet maybe even a new form of life.

I always have something to look forward to..... I guess. :)

I could become part of a black-hole, that would be interesting. Perhaps I will become part of a star gone red giant, supernova..... so many possibilities.

Perhaps each particle of matter in the universe is given one shot at being a sentient life form and when that experience is gone, its gone for good.

I think i'll make the most of this life of mine just in case.

I'd like to be able to travel through space as I am, eliminate my need for food, proof myself against the harsh enviroment or lack of it in space. Float forever, guided, unguided? I don't think I would ever get bored, so much to see and think about.

Yes there are holes in my plan. Even if I could pull of the basics how could I defy the gravity of a black-hole and I would want to visit planets of all types, how could I withstand the forces of thousands of atmospheres on some of the larger planets. Maybe become some kind of sea type creature?

Maybe sometime in the future an incomprehensible number of years from now my stardust will have joined together as it is now creating me again and I will have the memories of this life and the ability to travel as I wish. Anything's possible... or at least it would seem that way. :)

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