I'll admit it, I'm a paranoid freak when it comes to noises in the night, so long as I'm inside the house. If I'm outside, and I hear something suspicious, I expect it, in fact it's anticipated and just part of the night time world. However, if I'm laying in bed and wake up for a reason I can't quite figure out, and I hear noises in the hallway, I lose all control of my senses, that is to say, I completely freak out. I fidget, I roll around in bed and hope it wakes someone else who might check out the situation so that I don't have to. Of course, this generally doesn't happen, I'm starting to think perhaps these are noises in my head.. either way, it happened again today and was quite unpleasant.

5:00am: Sound of creaking stairs and other random noise. Someone stops on the platform between the hallway that leads to my room, and the one that leads to everyone elses. No creaking, no nothing. I'm holding my breath at this point.. the dog is of course locked in my little brothers room, so he isn't much good. Whoever it was proceeds to stroll up the hall.. I have no idea where they went at that point, because I heard nothing. This is odd because there was no one in the rooms with doors open, and I would have heard the doors otherwise. (I had to check, but since I didn't find anything, I still couldn't get back to sleep.)

6:00am: I give up and wander downstairs to listen to The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh theme song, and stare at the fresh, dreamy new day. The light chases away any fear I had, and I'm content to sit here and observe.

Maybe I am just paranoid, maybe I'm frightened of my own shadow, but I can't stand noises in the night.

I think I'll fix this up later when I get home from work, and whatnot. I'm too tired right now.

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