A term discovered on the now-deceased spork.org, now available through the Wayback Machine at http://web.archive.org/web/20020124054101/http://www.spork.org/ ...

To spack a foon is to allow a foon to return to its natural state, a spork. This creates the appropriate sound effect as the concave plastic form of the spork snaps back.

The energy stored by torsion within the plastic, when released by the spacking of the foon, can be harnessed to bring flight to the otherwise flightless piece of plastic flatware. Foon the spork, then place it on a table with the curvature of the foon upwards. Pressing down on it so as to trigger the resporkification of the foon, but not interrupt its flight path, will cause it to leap skyward!

Spacking foons is easily the greatest way to amuse yourself while bored in the school cafeteria, or any other establishment where sporks are available.

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