There are two sides in the Juice Holy War: Those who think juice should be sweet and those who think it should be salty, or at the very least tangy. Then there's the lunatic fringe: Those who feel juice should be not only salty, but spicy hot as well.

Obviously these wise men and women have established a headquarters at Campbell's and are fueling the revolution with this delicious and wholesome tomato beverage. Be forewarned that Spicy V8 is a rare and addictive commodity. Many grocery stores (puppets of the sweet-juice mafia) don't carry it and will make all sorts of excuses as to why they never will (ex: "You're the only person who drinks it, and you live 500 miles away.") Don't stand for this persecution at the hands of disgruntled cashiers and tube-waisted middle managers. Storm right out of there and go to Fred Meyer. They usually have it.

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