I was speechless when I first stumbled upon/on (?) this node. Saying that tomato juice is a juice made from tomatoes is like saying that sex is an act of mating or that love is chemical reaction. It is indeed factually true. But very lifeless. Tomato juice is so much more. Every time i drink a litre i feel rejuvinated. It's good any time of day or night. You can eat it with anything. It can be mixed with vodka to created something called Bloody Mary ( I'm unsure of proportions. I always thought it was 50/50 but people look at me funny when i say that). I prefer the Heinz tomato juice. It contains lycopene which is supposedly good for you. Just an added bonus.

Thanks to dannye and melodrame for correct spelling of "bloody merry" :)

I shall add more factual information soon.

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