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Another very common exercise for the biceps is the standing barbell curl. This exercise provides for better balance between the biceps, which helps prevent one arm from looking like seaweed, while the other arm looks like something from Popeye.

To perform this lift, choose a barbell that is approximately double the weight you would use for the standing dumbell curl. If you are feeling rather brave, it is acceptable to even choose one slightly heavier. Grip the barbell with your thumbs pointed away from each other, towards the ends of the barbell, shoulder width apart. Relax the grip and arms and let the weight lean against your shoulders, maintaining a solid lower back position.

When lifting, you should keep the position of the barbell perfectly parallel to the floor. In addition, if a line were to be drawn from your feet through your head to the ceiling, you should never deviate from that line through rocking motions of the body. These motions cause damage to the erector spinae muscles of the lower back, so be sure to follow the weight lifting safety tips.

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