These are the muscles located on the front of the upper arms, and oppose the triceps located at the back of the upper arms.

Latin name biceps brachii

Biceps means 'two-headed' or 'having two points of origin', and brachii simply means 'arms'. So the biceps brachii is the arm muscle with two points of origin.

The biceps bends the arm (flexes) and turns the palm upwards (supinates). It also assists in flexing the shoulder.

The biceps orginates at the shoulder joint and inserts onto the radius of the forearm.

Bi"ceps (?), n. [L., two-headed; bis twice + caput head. See Capital.] Anat.

A muscle having two heads or origins; -- applied particularly to a flexor in the arm, and to another in the thigh.


© Webster 1913.

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